Friday, February 15, 2008


what is Innovation ? I think , Finding a different and new way of doing work or task can be considered as a innovation.We can use this every where from daily life to business market.
Innovation is having hugh value in a Business market,We can apply it to our regular work and it is upto us upto what limit we can apply it.
Making new idea into reality is also a valuable and most important thing to do.What Mr. Ratan Tata did for Nano is "innovation" + "implementation". This is the one of the idea which will make market revolution in Automobile industry.
Are there such ideas which are simple one and waiting to change the market? Which are easy and Can we implement that? ... is there any idea in business world ...which is simple to implement and Return for that is a benefit for all (implementer and users)?? These questions really make us to think.