Sunday, February 14, 2010

Outsourcing with different dimension

Outsourcing with different dimension -

Why world is adopting outsourcing concept ? answer in simple words is , less price with same expected service within given timespan. After adopting this concept , now it became more mature and best example is India.

Outsourcing model is applicable between US/EUROPE and INDIA . Force which is pushing this model is basically currency difference between different countries and skill people. Now this concept is beneficial for most of people who are from tier 1 or 2 cities , but what about rural people or less educated people. Is there any work which we can outsource them?

In Industry back office work like registration of form , data monitoring , scanning of data , data entry... such tasks which generally takes lots of time , this is the `Area` which we can look as a new Zone of a `Work`. Many companies started to outsource such `Work` to rural area.

In simple word consider Microsoft OS testing example , a graduate student from rural area also can execute all scenarios and provide the expected result. For making this happened in India and also in less price , people from rural area with enough skills are the right choice.I read about different perspective of looking toward indian population or lower economic class last year and today again stuck here on one site named
Here the concept of Outsourcing is same but actor are being changed and this time game is between Tier 1/2 cities and rural areas. This will actually make outsourcing income's distribution up to lower level economic class.
This kind outsourcing will be like a catalyst for India's growth.

Some predictions and conclusion after some thoughts from my side -

This concept actually helps for setting up communication channels between Cities and rural area , it will provide following benefits to rural area -

- Jobs
- Enough internet connection bandwidth.
- Voip setup.
- Better telecommunication medium.
- Training.
- Awareness for world's progress.

Plus Now a days even hardware is also cheap , getting a system among 3-5 people will be a normal thing. So more and more people will be connected to virtual world , After removing language as a barrier sky is the limit.
for example developing a online website with 2-3+ languages (English,Hindi,Marathi, Gujarati,Tamil) will make it more profitable because `city to rural area` outsourcing will make more and more people aware of technology and virtual world and hence more number of people will surf internet.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reference to previous post "Innovation"

In previous blog we had thrown a question about simple idea which can make a difference, Yes
.... Till now most of us would be knowing the answer for our question,
Mr. "Ratan Tata" is having plan for constructing Flats and sell them on very lower rate. Good idea and interesting for business also. My perspective , Such kind of idea(Good quality with less rate) we can apply in many ways , there are lots of things which are important for regular life and also for our dream.

1: Things which we can provide with lower rates and with good quality are ,
Cloths, Soap , Water bottles ................etc.. list will go on .

Can our Government start a Factory which will produce packed pure water bottles just like what Bisllery is doing , we can create lots of employment and sell pure quality water with less rate.
Can government purchase lots of land and start farming and provides jobs for poor people. We can use lots of technology from Indian institutes/Colleges and do lots of experiments for better output.If government is doing end to end service from farming to selling the product to end user then most of process and final product will be comparatively cheap.