Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reference to previous post "Innovation"

In previous blog we had thrown a question about simple idea which can make a difference, Yes
.... Till now most of us would be knowing the answer for our question,
Mr. "Ratan Tata" is having plan for constructing Flats and sell them on very lower rate. Good idea and interesting for business also. My perspective , Such kind of idea(Good quality with less rate) we can apply in many ways , there are lots of things which are important for regular life and also for our dream.

1: Things which we can provide with lower rates and with good quality are ,
Cloths, Soap , Water bottles ................etc.. list will go on .

Can our Government start a Factory which will produce packed pure water bottles just like what Bisllery is doing , we can create lots of employment and sell pure quality water with less rate.
Can government purchase lots of land and start farming and provides jobs for poor people. We can use lots of technology from Indian institutes/Colleges and do lots of experiments for better output.If government is doing end to end service from farming to selling the product to end user then most of process and final product will be comparatively cheap.

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